Track Location of any IPhone with Mobile Number

find location of iphone

Losing your iPhone or having it stolen is a stressful and very distressing situation. We lose content stored in memory, money invested in the device, and important contacts and files that we may have left without backup copies. However, we should not immediately give up.
If you lose your iPhone, there are apps and services that can help you track its location. We tell you how they work, their true scope and limitations, and how to make the most of the location alternatives to try to recover your iPhone.

1. Track any iPhone Device using Phone Tracker

Phone Number Tracker is a Tracking application used for finding lost or stolen iPhone using Antenna Triangulation. It is the most suitable method to search lost Cellphones even when GPS is turned off.

In this method, the tracker locates the nearer Cellular Towers and calculate the Signal amplitude and frequency. After performing several calculations, it will be able to locate the iPhone. Read more benefits of using a phone number tracker.

In addition, you can also:

  • Track Live location on Apple and Maps.
  • Get Detailed Tracking Report so that you find out the past location of an iPhone.

Phone tracker is easy to use and user friendly. Even a non-technical person can use it to tracker his/her lost or stolen Smartphone. Here are some simple steps to locate any iPhone Device using a Mobile tracker.

  • Step 1: Open “iPhone Tracker” on any Mobile Phone. (It also works on Windows & MAC, but Mobile Phone contains some predefined libraries which help for accurate tracking. Note: we recommend you to use Mobile Device for Tracking).
  • Step 2:  Once the iPhone tracker gets loaded completely, then choose your mobile number country code and enter your unique cell number.
  • Step 3: Click on Start Tracking, and select iOS as a platform (This is very important to select). Tick all the checkboxes for keeping Data Integrity and Privacy.
  • Step 4: Click on “Continue” and wait for the tracker to connect to the satellite and start the Tracking Process. Once your phone number gets located successfully, live location and other details will be displayed on your screen.

It also works for locating Android Mobile Phones.

2. Find my iPhone from PC with iCloud

The second alternative to track the geographical location of your iPhone is the official one, through the official web application: iCloud. For it to work, we have to meet two fundamental requirements :

  • Have the option Find my iPhone on the device activated
  • Have the location tracker on your phone activated.

Apple icloud

Find My iPhone is the official iOS app and allows mobile tracking, although it does not need to be installed on the phone. The service works in the Apple cloud, so it only fulfills the function of being a mechanism for entering the mobile phone through the network.

What we need to activate it when the phone is lost or stolen is to have a web browser and the access and identification data of Apple.
Thanks to the Find My iPhone functions, you can control the mobile remotely and prevent the thief from erasing your internal data, deactivate the Find My iPhone function or even disconnect the device from iCloud. In this way, you will have a brick in your hands without the possibility of using any function.

We start using Find My iPhone step by step and the first thing we do is enter the official iCloud website.

  1. There we enter our Apple ID identification data (the same from the App Store).
  2. We select the option ” Find my iPhone ” in the lower area.
  3. The next thing we have to do is choose the ” All my devices ” option and mark the mobile phone that has been lost from the list of terminals that appear. This will lead to the process of tracking and geographic location of the device to begin so that we can locate it.

Once the phone is located, you can send commands remotely to try to find it or force the thief to return it or leave it somewhere. The options remote commands include:

  • Make Sound: To activate an alarm to help you find the phone or discourage the thief from returning it.
  • Lost Mode: Locks the terminal with a previously configured password, with a personalized message and a phone number to contact to return the device.
  • Erase iPhone: Erase all internal content from your phone. This is the last option since once selected you will not be able to enter Search My iPhone again to detect the location of the device in question.

Other apps to track your iPhone or someone else’s iPhone and find it

There are other alternatives for iPhone mobile tracking software that require the following three requirements for their correct operation.

  • You have previously installed the app in question.
  • To be able to access a device connected to the Internet is possible that it is another mobile or a tablet. A lot of freedom and flexibility is provided in this regard.
  • That the phone is switched on in order to maintain communication between the mobile and the app.

The operation of these apps is very similar, but we will analyze some of the most important ones and their main characteristics. They are easy to install and operate, but it is important to have them configured correctly before you can use them in an emergency. Read how you can track your husband’s phone.

1. Timeline (Google)

Google also has an application that can help you track your iPhone. It is called Timeline and marks the location of the device in real time and even a switched off mobile phone , being able to show you the last place where it was on with an Internet connection.

google map Timeline
Its operation is very simple, since from you can track the locations of your device . If it’s still online and on the go, you can hit the police and ask for help to retrieve your phone. They already have knowledge of how these apps work, their scope and operation in general.

2. Google Photos

Lastly, we recommend Google Photos , another alternative to find your lost iPhone . To be able to use the app with tracking functions, you have to activate the “ automatic photo upload ”, have the location sharing selected and that the phone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or data.
The operation of this alternative requires that the person with the phone take photographs. Then they will be immediately uploaded to your Google Photos account and you can see the location where the mobile is.

In short, can you really locate and find a turned off iPhone?

At the end of the day, losing your phone or having it stolen is an unpleasant situation, but there are some resources to try to reverse it. Thanks to special applications designed for location tracking and remote functions, today it is possible to try to discover what is the real-time location of our device and look for dissuasive ways for a thief to leave or return it.
Of course, these apps are not infallible. They may not work, but at least they let the user know that he can take some action before giving up.
Ultimately, and seeking to preserve privacy, we can perform blocking and deletion actions of the content that our iPhone has inside. From that decision, the thief will have to take the trouble to make the mobile useful again. In terms of mobile security, the alternatives are, it is a matter of looking for the best options.