Track Location of any Android Phone with Mobile Number

Have you lost your mobile or has it been stolen? Well, do not be overwhelmed because today it is possible to locate and track your cell phone for free by using various techniques.

We do not assure you that you will recover your beloved smartphone, but there are options. We explain them below for Android.

How to locate an Android Mobile Phone free and without application?

find location of android phone

Do you want to locate a mobile without using an external application? First of all, you should be aware that this method does not work 100% of the time since the chances of being able to recover it will depend on 3 factors:

  • If your mobile was on or off at the time you lost it
  • If your mobile phone had an Internet connection at the time you lost it
  • If your mobile had GPS or location functionality activated

Before continuing, in this article, we will see all the ways to find the location of Android mobiles. But if you want to get down to business with one of these two …

From here, to answer the question “How to search and find my mobile?”, The good news is that Mobile phones nowadays usually come with location services included that we can use in case of loss or theft:

1. Track any Android Device using Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker is a Tracking application used for finding lost or stolen Mobile Phone using Antenna Triangulation. It is the most suitable method to search lost Cellphones even when GPS is turned off.

In this method, the tracker locates the nearer Cellular Towers and calculate the Signal amplitude and frequency. After performing several calculations, it will be able to locate the Android Phone. Read more benefits of cell phone tracker.

In addition, you can also:

  • Track Live location on Google or Apple Maps.
  • Get Detailed Tracking Report so that you find out the past location of an Android Phone.

Phone tracker is easy to use and user friendly. Even a non-technical person can use it to tracker his/her lost or stolen Smartphone. Here are some simple steps to locate any Android Device using a phone tracker.

  • Step 1: Open “Android Phone Tracker” on any Mobile Phone. (It also works on Windows & MAC, but Mobile Phone contains some predefined libraries which help for accurate tracking. Note: we recommend you to use Mobile Device for Tracking).
  • Step 2:  Once the Phone tracker gets loaded completely, then choose your mobile number country code and enter your unique cell number.
  • Step 3: Click on Start Tracking, and select Android as a platform (This is very important to select). Tick all the checkboxes for keeping Data Integrity and Privacy.
  • Step 4: Click on “Continue” and wait for the tracker to connect to the satellite and start the Tracking Process. Once your phone number gets located successfully, live location and other details will be displayed on your screen.

It also works for locating iPhone Mobiles.

2. Find my Android device with Gmail (Google Maps)

Finding my device is the Google application that allows users to track an Android phone from the moment they realize they have lost it.

Basically it places the location of the terminal on a map and, if for any reason the connection to the device has been broken, the map will indicate the last place in which it was. As it makes use of Google Maps, it increases the success rate in the recovery processes.

In addition, you can also:

  • Send a warning alarm that will sound even if the thief has silenced the terminal.
  • Lock the mobile so that the thief can no longer use it.
  • Erase all mobile data, which is the most extreme option if you find it difficult to find it.

How to track a lost or stolen Android phone when GPS is off?

Is it possible to search my phone online? If you have already tried the previous methods, you should know that there are powerful applications to locate your mobile.

Locating a cell phone with the cell phone number: With the help of Mobile phone tracking software you can find the current location within a few minutes – all free of charge and without GPS. Check out its more features.

Whether you forgot the device in a coffee shop or if it was actually taken away from you, knowing its location can greatly increase the likelihood that you will find it again.